Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration -

The Salesforce Integration allows you to:

  • Upon connection, create a corresponding Salesforce Campaign in your account
  • Send donor information to Salesforce in the form of Contacts and Opportunities

Note: Your edition of Salesforce needs to have API access. See this article for more information.

How to use the Salesforce Integration

Setting up the Salesforce Integration on your campaign is as simple as clicking connect and switching on the integration. In more detail:

1. Log into the Campaign Editor and click Connect

  • Head to and login with your details
  • Click on Edit your campaign
  • Click on the "Salesforce" item in the Manage menu, underneath Data Integrations
  • Click on the "Connect" button to be taken to Salesforce. If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to log into your Salesforce account.
  • Click "Allow" to give your account access to your Salesforce account

2. Switch on the integration

  • After clicking "Allow" above, you'll be directed back to your campaign, with the integration switched off
  • Under "Current Status", you'll see a toggle with status "Automatic data syncing is currently switched off"
  • Click the toggle to turn the integration on
  • That's it!

How the Salesforce Integration works

Upon successful connection, we'll create a corresponding Salesforce Campaign in your account.

When a donation is made to your campaign, we'll:

  • Create a Salesforce Contact from the donor information provided (or use an existing Contact if one is found with a matching name and email address). We'll also:
    • Send along their email newsletter opt-in preference
    • Attach their address (if one was entered) to that Salesforce contact
  • Create a Salesforce Opportunity from the donation that was made on We'll add the following information:
    • The donation amount
    • Whether or not their donation was made anonymously (it'll be marked as "Private")
    • Send through any perk or fundraiser details in the description field

Please note the following:

  • We'll use an existing Contact if their full name and preferred email address is a match. If not, they'll be a new Contact in your Salesforce account.
  • We won't update the details of existing Contacts—we trust you'll have the most relevant address and email newsletter marketing preference.
  • Amounts sent through will be in the Currency Locale of your Salesforce account. Multi-currency organisations are not yet supported.
  • Support for sending your Offline Donations to Salesforce is coming shortly—stay tuned!