MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration -

The MailChimp Integration allows you to:

  • Select the MailChimp List you'd like to send your data to
  • Send donors to your MailChimp account in the form of Subscribers as donations come through

How to use the MailChimp Integration

Setting up the MailChimp Integration on your campaign is as simple as clicking connect, selecting your list and switching on the integration. In more detail:

1. Log into the Campaign Editor and click Connect

  • Head to and login with your details
  • Click on Edit your campaign
  • Click on the "MailChimp" item in the Manage menu, underneath Data Integrations
  • Click on the "Connect" button to be taken to MailChimp
  • Enter your MailChimp login details and click "Log In"

2. Select your list and switch on the integration

  • After logging in, you'll be directed back to your campaign, with the integration switched off
  • Select the MailChimp list you want to send your donor data to
  • Under "Current Status", you'll see a toggle with status "Automatic data syncing is currently switched off"
  • Click the toggle to turn the integration on
  • That's it!

How the MailChimp Integration works

When a donation is made to your campaign, we'll create a MailChimp Subscriber from the donor information provided (or use an existing Subscriber if one is found with a matching email address) and send through information related to the donation. 

Here's a list of the data that's available for you to use and their corresponding merge field: field MailChimp merge field MailChimp merge field type
Email address EMAIL email
First name FNAME text
Last name LNAME text
Donation amount DONAMOUNT number
Campaign title CAMPAIGN text
Perk PERK text
Address (if provided) ADDRESS address

The "Source" of the MailChimp Subscriber will also have the value of "".

Please note the following:

  • We'll use an existing Subscriber if their email address is a match. If not, they'll be a new Subscriber in your MailChimp account.
  • For an existing Subscriber, we'll only update the first and last name if it's currently blank. We trust you'll have their preferred name if those fields already exist.