Action Network Integration

Action Network Integration -

The Action Network Integration allows you to:

  • Synchronise your donations and donor data on to an Action Network fundraiser list

How to use the Action Network Integration

Setting up the Action Network integration can be done in two easy steps:

  1. Create an API key in your Action Network dashboard
    1. In your Action Network dashboard - go to Details > Api & Sync
    2. Select the list you'd like to sync
    3. You can copy or generate your key under "Your API KEY"
  2. Add your key to your campaign
    1. In the campaign editor you'll find Data Integrations > Action Network under the Manage menu on the left hand side
    2. Paste your API Key into the area provided, enter a title for your fundraising page and hit "Submit"

That's it! Your integration setup is complete.

All your donor and donation data for your campaign from now onwards will automatically sync to your Action Network List and the associated fundraiser. Previous donations and data won't be synchronised.

NB! This integration is set up on a per-campaign basis, so don't forget to set it up for each campaign you want to integrate and sync to you Action Network group.