What is Chuffed.org?

What is Chuffed.org?

Chuffed.org is a crowdfunding platform for socially-conscious projects from around the world. We support individuals, not-for-profits, social enterprises and community groups to run awesome crowdfunding campaigns, all 100% free.

Is Chuffed.org a Social Enterprise?

Chuffed.org is a Social Benefit Company. That means that we operate for the benefit of our community. Directors of Chuffed.org are obliged to consider not just the financial impacts of their decisions but also the social, environmental and community impacts. If you want to learn more about Social Benefit Companies, check out the blog post we wrote about them  here

Does Chuffed.org take a fee for their work?

Currently our donation fee options are as follows:

Keep 100% model: You keep 100% of your donation. The donor pays card fees on top of their donation and can choose to give an optional donation to Chuffed.org. This model is not available for EU/UK campaigners due to payment processing regulations).

Shared Model: This means that the campaigner will pay the fees (2-3%) out of each donation. The donor can then choose to give an optional donation to Chuffed.org on top of their donation.

Flat Fee Model: The campaigner will pay the card fees (2-3%) plus a Chuffed.org platform fee (4.9% + GST/VAT) out of the donation. The donor pays nothing on top of their donation.

You can find more information at www.chuffed.org/pricing

What types of campaigns do you accept?

Visit https://chuffed.org/how-it-works-crowdfunding/before-you-start for more information on what type of campaigns we accept

I'm not sure if my campaign would fit on Chuffed.org. What do I do?

If you're not sure if your idea fits into this category, get in touch with us via support@chuffed.org