Eligibility: What types of campaigns does Chuffed.org accept?

We have three tests on the type of campaigns we accept:

  1. Is it for a social purpose that fits into one of our eight categories (Social Enterprise, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Health and Disability, Community, Environment, International Development, Animal Welfare or Social Welfare)? We use a common-sense definition of "social purpose" 
  2. Is it a 'project' or 'event' that has a finite outcome? 
  3. Is it run by a real person or organisation, who is over 13 years old.

We do not think that your legal structure has any bearing on your ability to do good in the world, so we accept campaigns from individuals, social enterprises, not-for-profits, for-profit commercial organisations and community groups, as long as they meet the criteria above. 

Note that while we do accept social cause campaigns from religious organisations, we don't accept campaigns that are explicitly about promoting any particular religion.

What types of campaigns don't we accept?

  • Campaigns whose main purpose is to promote any particular religion or atheism. This includes mission trips, mission schools and building funds for religious buildings that don't have historical significance
  • Family custody disputes
  • For political cause campaigns, particularly for political candidates and community protests, we only accept campaigns that align with our other social cause areas. If you don't believe in addressing climate change or supporting refugees, or you're protesting against marriage equality, we're unlikely to approve your campaign.
  • Due to regulatory issues, our lawyers won't allow us to run campaigns involving raffles, guns and firearms or the direct offer of financial products including debt, equity or profit shares.

I'm not sure if my campaign would fit on Chuffed.org. What do I do?

If you're not sure if your idea fits, get in touch with us via our Contact Form:  https://chuffed.org/contact-us