Add team members to my campaign

Sometimes there's more than one person involved in creating your campaign and you want them acknowledged on your page. This is really simple on

To Add Team Members:

1. Head to Fill in your login details and click the "Login" button

2. Click on the green "Edit your campaign" button

3. Under the "Team Setup" tab click the "Administrators"

4. Click the "Add Team Member" button. 

5. Fill out the Team member's details and then click 'Add Team Members'. They'll be sent an email notifying them that they've been added to your campaign. Note that they will be able to edit your campaign and will be displayed in the Team Member or the Fundraisers section of your campaign page. To change their display picture on your campaign page, they'll need to log in and update their profile picture in their account.

6. You can invite the team member to become an editor of the campaign.