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Basics of Crowdfunding

Learn more about the concept of crowdfunding.

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For Campaigners


Find out who is eligible to run a campaign.

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Campaign Basics

Discover the different types of campaigns, and how to get yours started!

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Editing your campaign

Adding pictures, video, customizing the look and feel

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Perks and Impact Levels

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Managing your campaign

Find out how you can manage your campaign even better!

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Promoting your Campaign

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A guide to receiving your funds

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Donation and donor data

What information is collected, what can you access

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Receipts, Tax Deductibility and Gift Aid

How to make sure donors get the right receipts

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Website Donation Forms

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Chuffed Product Updates

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For Donors

Fees and the Optional Donation

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Making a donation

FInd out more about making a donation through

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Regular giving

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