Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration -

The Google Analytics Integration allows you to:

  • Monitor your campaign traffic directly in your Google Analytics account
  • Get detailed analytics and conversion information for your campaign visitors

How to use the Google Analytics Integration

Setting up Google Analytics Integration on your campaign is as simple as finding your Google Analytics Tracking ID and inserting into the field in your campaign. In more detail:

1. Find your Google Analytics Tracking ID

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  • Click Admin
  • Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column under Property Settings and expand Data Collection and Modification.
  • Select "Data Steams" (If you don't see any data streams and see "Choose a platform," you must add a data stream first. Go to Add a data stream).
  • Select the name of your data stream.
  • In the Google tag section at the bottom of the Web stream details page, select Configure tag settings.
  • In the Your Google tag section on the Google tag page, copy the ID that starts with "G-" or "AW-".

2. Insert your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the Campaign Editor

  • Head to and login with your details
  • Click on Edit your campaign
  • Click on the "Google Analytics" item in the Manage menu
  • Paste in your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the field and click save
  • That's it!

How the Google Analytics Integration works

We fire your Google Analytics code on three pages: your campaign page, your campaign's payment page and your campaign's "success" page - the page that donor's see after they successfully donate to your campaign. That means that you can track users across these pages and see all your usual Google Analytics data associated with these pages. Most excitingly, you'll be able to see real-time users on your campaign page right from your Google Analytics account.