What is Matched Giving And How Does It Work On Chuffed.org

Matched Giving is a feature on Chuffed.org that let's you incentivize your donors to give more by matching their donations. 

To set up Matched Giving for your campaign head to the campaign editor and go to Manage > Matched Giving:

You'll then be given the option to Add a "Matcher". Normally a Matcher is a large gift that you've already got - or will get - that's used to match other people's donations. You can customize several things about the Matcher:

The customization options include:

  • Recognizing the name and logo/face of the Matcher on your campaign page - this is great for Corporate Matchers who might want their logo and name on your page as part of their gift
  • When the Matched Giving Starts - Now or at a Set Date/Time in the Future
  • When the Matched Giving Ends - At the end of the campaign or on a Set Date/Time in the Future
  • The Amount of the Match - normally the Matcher agrees to match a certain amount of funds. You can enter this in or leave it unlimited. 

Then you can Save and Switch your Matching on. When your Matched Giving is switched on, you'll see a few changes to your Chuffed Crowdfunding page:

As each donation is processed, we'll automatically add in a matching donation, so that your total will go up by twice the donation value. We'll automatically keep track of the Matching Amount and the End Date to make sure the matching is only for the amount that you have available.