Donations aren't showing up on my page

Delay in donations appearing on the campaign page

If someone has just made a donation on your page and it isn't showing immediately, there are times where it may take up to a couple of hours to show on the page. 

When someone makes a donation, they should receive a receipt and confirmation email from If they've paid by PayPal, then PayPal will send a confirmation to start processing a transaction.If within 24 hours you notice a donation hasn't still appeared on a campaign page, please do email

If a donor has made a donation and received a PayPal confirmation but not a Chuffed confirmation , the payment may not have processed yet. We would advise waiting 24 hours before contacting

Advice for Campaigners using PayPal

If you are running a crowdfunding campaign and this issue is occurring repeatedly, there may be an issue with the PayPal account. Please confirm that your PayPal account is a PayPal Business account. You will also need to confirm that the account is verified and not pending any checks from PayPal. It may be best to contact PayPal at to check if there are any issues with the PayPal account itself.