Where will I receive my funds and how are they processed?

When / Where will I receive Funds?

For donations made via credit/debit card, all funds are transferred to your bank account on a 7-day rolling cycle. You can log into your Stripe.com account (our payment provider) at www.stripe.com and click on 'payouts' to see the transfer schedule. For donations made via PayPal, all funds will be in your PayPal account shortly after the transaction has processed. There may be a slight delay , as occasionally PayPal will pre-authorize the transfer, before processing the transaction.

How are donations processed?

What happens is that the fees and optional donation are deducted automatically from your campaign. The donation, fees and optional donation are transferred to you after each transaction. We then automatically process the transfer of the fees and optional donation to Chuffed after each donation. 

For more information on our fees and pricing models, visit our pricing page.