How to change how frequently you receive payments

For general information on Stripe Payouts, Stripe have listed their guidance here:

For all credit/debit payments made on, we use our payment partner Stripe transfers funds directly to your bank account on a 2- or 7-day rolling cycle. While it's great to get your money as soon as possible, sometimes these daily payments are too much and you want to receive money less frequently.  

To change the transfer frequency of payments:

1. Login to your account  here. You created this account during your campaign creation process. 

2. Click on " Payouts" in the left hand menu

3. Click on " Settings" in the top menu

4. In the "Payout Schedule" section, choose how frequently you'd like to receive payments. If you want to only receive a single payment at the end of your campaign, click on "Manual" - you'll have to create a manual payout when you're ready. 

5. Click "Save"

PayPal payments are transferred to your account shortly after donating.