How do I archive a campaign?

Archiving a campaign effectively removes it from the public domain.

Once archived, a campaign is no longer searchable on or indexable by search engines.

  • Only campaign owners, campaign fundraisers and campaign donors will can access an archived campaign. 
  • A campaign page is only accessible by direct link
  • The action of archiving a campaign is reversible 

To archive your campaign, you will need to:

1. Head to Fill in your login details and click the "Login" button.

2. Click the "Edit" Button to proceed to the campaign editor.

3. On the top right hand corner of the editor screen, toggle the option to archive the campaign. 

You'll need to click the slider so that the campaign status is "Archived". I've added a screenshot of what this looks like below.

Please note that a campaign will not be searchable to others publicly. However previous donors will be able to login and view the campaign . This is in order to be transparent about where funds have gone.