How should I use my website donation form?

Your website donation form, which is automatically available for infinite campaigns on, has been designed as a form that will seamlessly work with your website. All you need to do is link to the form URL from your website's "Donate" button. Donors from your website will automatically have access to your payment methods, including digital wallets, without the need for you to hire a web developer or set up a form yourself. You can easily add your logo, change your form colours, and add your own content in your Campaign Editor. You can even set up a return URL for your users, so they are sent straight back to your site after making their donation.

Your website donation form is designed for your website users who have explored your website, have read your story and are ready to donate. Your website donation form is a short version of the Chuffed crowdfunding campaign pages, which doesn't show:

  • Your campaign images and videos;
  • Your number and list of supporters;
  • Comments against your campaign; or
  • Your target or how much you've raised.

Because your website donation form doesn't show these high-converting features, it should not be used for moment-based or event-based crowdfunding. See the table below for when to use your website donation form and when to use your normal Chuffed page.

Use your normal page on Use your website donation form
I don't have my own website Yes -
I am fundraising for a particular event or action Yes -
I am raising funds after an important moment for my social cause Yes -
I am directing my audience to this page from social media or email, where I'm asking for funds (including converting once off donors to repeat or regular donors) Yes -
I want a donation form for high intent traffic from my website, i.e. where people who have already explored the site and connected with my story can donate (or become regular givers) - Yes
I want a donation form for email flows for existing high intent donors, e.g. an email that asks existing regular donors to increase their donation amount - Yes

If you're ready to start using your website donation form, you can turn it on in the "Duration" section in your Campaign Editor, and add your logo, customise the content, thank you message, colours, and return URL in the "Website Donation Form" section.