Who uses crowdfunding?

The most common campaigns on Chuffed.org are:

  • Non-profits, charities and social enterprises looking for funding for a social cause project, product or program
  • Individuals looking for funding for a sick friend, family member, colleague or pet
  • Individuals or teams doing a challenge and raising funds for a charity or non-profit

To be eligible to run a crowdfunding campaign on Chuffed.org, you'll need to satisfy three criteria:

  • You must be fundraising for an individual, social, community or political cause
  • You must be fundraising for a project with a defined outcome
  • A reasonable person must be able to understand where the money is going

We don't care about your legal structure: you can be a registered charity, a private for-profit company, an individual just starting up or anything in between - we don't believe your legal structure dictates your ability to make social change.

For political cause campaigns, particularly for political candidates and community protests, we only accept campaigns that align with our other social cause areas. If you don't believe in addressing climate change or supporting refugees, or you're protesting against marriage equality, we're unlikely to approve your campaign.

Due to regulatory issues, our lawyers won't allow us to run campaigns involving raffles, guns and firearms or the direct offer of financial products including debt, equity or profit shares.