Perks and Impact Levels

When you donate to a campaign instead of making a straight cash donation, you may sometimes get to choose a perk or impact level.  

What are Perks?

Perks are rewards that a campaigner may offer to donors in exchange for different donation levels. Perks vary depending on the campaign. For example, if you donate $1 to a campaign, you might get a thank you on social media. If you donate $25 dollars, you might also receive a printed t-shirt. If you donate $100, you might receive a trip to a restaurant. If you donate $5,000, you might be able to receive a unique experience such as a trip abroad or a meeting with a celebrity! Check on the campaigner's page to see if you're able to receive a perk with your donation, as well as what perks are on offer!

Some campaigns on offer Impact Levels instead of Perks.

What are Impact Levels?

Campaigners often want you to understand how your donation makes a difference. Impact Levels are a great way of doing that. Impact Levels show you how far your donation is going to go in making a difference towards a cause you care about. So for example, let's say you're donating to a campaign to help farmers sustain themselves in a lower economically developed country. If you donate $2, you could be helping the farmer purchase their seeds for their crops. $30 might be used to help that farmer buy tools to carry out their work. $1,000 might help the farmer buy larger machinery to make the most out of their harvest. By selecting an impact level, you know just how far your donation will go.