How quickly can I get my campaign approved and running?

How quickly can I get my campaign approved and running?

All campaigns on are reviewed by the team. That means that after you've finished drafting your campaign, you'll need to submit the campaign to us for approval. We usually take less than 24 hours to approve the campaign. If you're in a rush, you can email and ask for us to expedite your campaign approval.

What checks are involved?

During the campaign approval process, we check if:

  • Your campaign fits our social cause criteria;
  • You've set an achievable target;
  • Your image is not "guilt imagery" (no starving children, horrific shock images)
  • Your campaign content is of a high enough standard to give you a reasonable chance of successfully raising your target; and
  • Your campaign isn't illegal

Depending on our checks, your campaign will either be:

  • Approved and moved to "pre-launch" mode where it will not be publicly listed, but will be able to take donations. You'll need to log in and launch your campaign for it to be fully live;
  • Reverted to drafting mode, with recommendations on what you'll need to change;
  • Reverted to drafting mode, with additional verification requirements, for some high-risk campaign categories; or
  • Rejected as not appropriate for

You can continue editing your campaign after you've submitted for approval, and even after you've launched.