What is Pre-Launch Mode?

Pre-Launch mode is both a function within the website, and a concept to help you get more donations overall.

Image from Sticking up for the Little Guy

Pre-Launch as a concept is all about preparing yourself and potential donors for the campaign. In our experience, we've found that if a campaigner can line up 5 donors to make a donation before they launch, they are more likely to run a successful campaign and meet their campaign target.

Pre-Launch as a function on the website is a visual reminder on the website to get those 5 donations before making a campaign public. You don't have to get these 5 donations ; there is a function to skip this process and launch your campaign immediately.

Once a campaign has been approved by us, it is then in "Pre-Launch". All this means is the campaign has been approved by us and you can accept donations if you like. But the campaign countdown won't start and the campaign will only be shareable with anybody who has the URL. You will then be able to launch the campaign by clicking the "Launch" button.