Stripe Basics and FAQs

What is and why do I have to sign up for an account?

Stripe is one of the payment providers that we use on Stripe allows donors to pay by card, and campaigners to collect funds by card. Campaigners will need an account to collect and manage funds by credit card. Donors will not need to make a Stripe Account to make a donation.

Are there any fees if I use Stripe?

Payment providers do charge fees for transactions on Chuffed. The breakdown of these fees can be found at

Why does Stripe require direct debit access to my bank account?

Stripe requires access to accounts in order to process payments . In the rare event a donor doesn't recognise the donation on their statement, they may dispute the donation and request a refund. We do contact the donor in order to explain where the donation has gone to. We will also notify you if a donor doesn't recognise the transaction on their statement. If however, the donation does need to be refunded, Stripe will have to reverse the transaction. 

I'm having a problem with receiving funds / my Stripe account. What do I do?

Check us first at to confirm that it is an issue with the Stripe account. If it is an issue with the Stripe account, you can visit .

I have more questions about Stripe. Where do I go?

Head over to . Stripe will try to assist you with any concerns you have their payment processing platform. You can also contact Stripe at