Offering Impact Levels

Impact Levels

Image from "Providing Education and Food for Impoverished Children"

What are Impact Levels?

Impact levels are a great way of getting your donors to see how a donation will help the cause. This is a great option for people who are passionate about your cause, as it allows them to visualise how their donation will create change. The tried and tested example is "$25 will help to buy a cow to help feed a starving family". 

What impact levels can I offer?

This will depend on your knowledge of your cause. Try and help your audience to see how your campaign will create change.

How do I add an Impact level?

1. Head to Fill in your login details and click the "Login" button

2. Click the "Edit" button

3. Go to "Customize" and click the "Campaign Page" option

4. Under "6. Customize", scroll down to "Add Incentives". Select "Impact Levels" and then "Create Impact Level" at the bottom of the page. Then follow instructions to create and customise your impact levels.