Facebook Pixel Integration

Facebook Pixel Integration - Chuffed.org

The Chuffed.org Facebook Pixel integration allows you to:

  • track the effectiveness of Facebook Ads that you are running to promote your Chuffed.org crowdfunding campaign;
  • build an audience in Facebook Ads manager based off people who visit your Chuffed.org campaign

How to use the Facebook Pixel Integration

Setting up Facebook Pixel Integration on your campaign is as simple as finding your Facebook Pixel ID and inserting into the field in your campaign. In more detail:

1. Find your Facebook Pixel ID

  • Log into your Facebook Ads Manager account at https://facebook.com/ads/manage
  • Click on the menu item in the top left and choose Pixels in the Events Manager

  • If you haven't created a Pixel before, you'll need to create one. Otherwise, just copy the pixel ID underneath the pixel you want to use. Here's what Chuffed.org's Pixel ID looks like as an example. 

  • Alternatively, your developer or tech friend may tell you, your Facebook Pixel looks like a chunk of code like this. If so, you can find your Facebook Pixel ID in the code - we've bolded it to help you find it. This is Chuffed.org Pixel code below. Note we only need the ID, not the entire section of code:

2. Insert your Facebook Pixel ID into the Chuffed.org Campaign Editor

  • Head to https://chuffed.org/login and login with your details
  • Click on Edit your campaign
  • Click on the "Facebook Pixel" item in the Manage menu
  • Paste in your Facebook Pixel ID into the field and click save
  • That's it!