What are Fundraisers and Teams?

Fundraisers allow you have your own team members or out side supporters raise funds for your cause, showing their individual contributions on their own dedicated page.

To clarify how this all works, you can read our guides on how Team Members/Fundraisers work here:

What is the difference between "Fundraisers" and Team Members?

Adding Fundraisers to your page

Teams act as a grouping mechanism when you have a large list of Fundraisers is an extension of this feature. People can raise funds as a group of fundraisers together. This could be useful if you were looking to have groups of people raise different amounts of funds for your cause. You can see an example of how 2-Level Teams works at the bottom of this campaign: https://chuffed.org/project/globalisocean-an-adventure-to-save-our-seas-in-india