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Coming soon! New Visual Reports Available

Coming Soon: Visual Reports for Regular Giving & Donation Sources

Our new regular giving visual report will help you visualise your new and existing regular giving donations, and your regular giving lapse, at a glance. You'll be able to see what's happening month-by-month.

Our new donation source visual report will make it easy for you to see where your donations come from, so you know where to focus your promotional efforts.

Watch this space!

Oct 29, 2023 New Reports Available

We've added new reports for you to optimise your fundraising!

Our new donor report will help you identify your high value donors and those donors who have the potential to be high value donors.

Our new regular giving report will give you insights into your regular giving activity including new regular givers, cancellations and your active regular givers. You can also see any available UTM information about your regular givers to learn where they've come from.

These reports are in addition to the existing donation report, where you can still see what donations you're seeing on your campaign and where they are coming from.

Click "Reports" in the header of your Campaign Dashboard to access your reports

Learn more about reporting

Oct 13, 2023 Insights Added to Donation Report

UTM information now available on-demand

Donation reports from your dashboard now include any available UTM information about your donations including source, campaign, medium, term, and content.

Learn more about using UTMs

To access your donation reports, either:

1. Go to "Reports" in the top header of your Campaign Dashboard where you can access all donor data across all of your campaigns; or

2. Go to "Donation Data" in the Navigation Bar on the bottom left of your Campaign Dashboard for any particular campaign.

Learn more about accessing your donation data

Aug 29, 2023 Action Network Integration

By popular demand...

You can now set up and manage integration with Action Network for your campaign. Your donation and donor data will flow seamlessly into Action Network.

How do I set it up?

Just go to Data Integrations: Action Network in the Navigation Bar on the bottom left of your Campaign Dashboard. This integration is set up on a per campaign basis, so don't forget to set it up for each campaign if you have multiple.

Click here for more information.

Aug 2, 2023 Option to Default to Regular Giving

Regular Giving Update

You can now choose between having once-off donations or regular giving as the default donation for your cause. Just jump to "Donation Form" in the Navigation Panel of your Campaign Dashboard to change your default option.

Jul 26, 2023 Website Donation Forms

By popular demand...

All infinity campaigns with now automatically have access to a customisable donation form that is designed to work seamlessly with your website.

Potential donors on your website will have access to your payment methods, including digital wallets. Imagine all of your donations from one platform! You can set a return URL for your users, so they are sent back to your site after donating.

Learn more here or go to "Duration" in your campaign navigator to try it out for your infinity campaign.